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Jabu the 35-year-old African Bull Elephant, Botswana

Living With Elephants Foundation is a Botswana based non-profit organization dedicated to caring for rescued African Elephants in the sanctuary of the Okavango Delta, Botswana

We usually work in inches and centimeters when designing a product, in Jabu’s case, his leg casting was 5 feet in circumference!

We were asked if we could design multiple leg solutions for Jabu. A casting was created on site of Jabu’s injured leg and brought to the US. Utilizing the casting, we sculpted a Leg Wrap and case for a Jabu sized PEMF pulsed electronic magnetic frequency) device. We also made a Cover for his Carpal Brace to prevent debris from getting between the Brace and his skin and causing secondary wounds.

Jabu, Wearing Leg Wrap for PEMF DeviceJabu, wearing Leg Wrap for PEMF deviceJabu, Wearing Brace Wrap to Prevent Debris Getting Between His Brace and Skin and Causing WoundsJabu, wearing Brace Wrap to prevent debris getting between his brace and skin and causing wounds


Over the years we have designed many unique solutions for many species. Here are some examples.

M.I.A. “Miracle In Action”

Mia is a three legged lab who was dropped off at a shelter in the middle of the night 8.5 years ago with ½ of her front leg amputated and her pelvis broken in 4 places. She managed to survive that ordeal and is absolutely the most incredible living being I know living up to her name which stands for Miracle In Action. Needless to say I would go to the ends of the earth for her. We have been to University of Pennsylvania for ideas, had a prosthetic leg made for her, have driven to Massachusetts twice to get a cart made for her, we take her to physical therapy every week (for the past 3 years) and we have also had multiple of Schon Gross’ vests made for her. When we had our first vest made, Schon invited us to her house so she could meet Mia, take her measurements and design a custom vest that would protect and support her. Over the years as Mia’s condition would change, Schon would always fit us in and tweak Mia’s vests so that she would be protected and comfortable

M.I.A “Miracle In Action“MiaMia

Beau Jangles Needed a Boot!

Beau was rescued off the streets in Arizona with badly damaged rear legs. His rear legs had to be amputated due to the damage.

Beau has two speeds: fast and asleep.

"Thank goodness for his boot!!!! Beau was getting rug and floor burns when he wasn't in his wheels. The boot is a God sent. It saves his stumps from being bruised going down the stairs. Even though he can raise himself up, when he gets going and does his pirouettes the boot prevents him from doing any damage. That's why I named him Mr. Beau Jangles. He dances and spins and just enjoys being." Kind regards, Ruth and Mr. Beau Jangles

Beau Jangles Lying

Benedict The Goat

Cornell University requested a Toe-Up device for Benedict the Goat. They sent us a photo of what they had been using. We provided Cornell with an Order Form with the measurements we would need to create a custom Goat Toe Up Device. First, using the measurements provided, a positive of a goat’s leg was built. We were then able to design a device for Benedict.

Cornell Temporary SolutionCornell Temporary Solution Leg Build-upLeg Build-up Final ProductFinal Product

Hind Leg Toe Up for GoatBenedict wearing toe-up solution


Compression Leggings for Congenital lymphedema

My Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy had congenital lymphedema. Over the course of a year, Schon and Phoenix Solutions designed and created compression stockings, for the growing puppy. Schon trained me remotely on how to take the appropriate measurements for the compression bespoke stocking designs, how to properly fit them on the puppy, and how to chart the progression of her disease. Over time, Schon revised the design, to better address the puppy’s advancing condition. The creative and functional solutions that Schon crafted gave me precious time with my sweet girl. Each veterinary specialist I took the puppy to see was impressed and fascinated with the holistic and pragmatic approach.

I wholeheartedly recommend Schon and Phoenix Solutions.
Carol Z., California

BristolBristol wearing her compression Pants


Rear limb amputee, Hunting protection for stump

Georgi HuntingGeorgi in the field Georgi Hunting 2