Phoenix Animal Solutions LLC

Phoenix Animal Solutions LLC
Improving quality of life for animals
and their caregivers for over 20 years


Phoenix Animal Solutions offers a wide variety of solutions for animals who require bandaging, or supportive products for joint or soft tissue issues, injuries or recovering from surgery. Our designs have been created due to requests from veterinarians and pet caregivers worldwide. The products can be used for multiple diagnosis and on multiple species.

Because all products are custom sized and custom-made, we are able to accommodate young and old as well as tiny and giant animals. Our multi-species knowledge, ongoing education and research ensures our products are appropriate for the animal and the diagnosis.

The solutions listed on our website are the most frequently ordered products, however, if you don't see what you need on our product list, contact us. We are able to create unique solutions for your pet.

The benefits of our products include:

Client Compliance

Whether it is medication, nutrition, bandaging, or other aspects of animal health,compliance is essential for a successful outcome. If the patient won't tolerate the product,or the owner is unable to manage the product on their pet, a positive result is at risk. Inaddition, bandaging has an extra consideration—the potential for harm. Our solutions are designed and manufactured to be well tolerated by the animal and easy for the owner to manage. We want to provide the best compliance outcome possible while being safe and effective. Our Customer Service provides the owner and veterinary professional with the knowledge and condence to manage the product


Careful consideration is given to the choice of textiles and design. The textiles we use are selected to eliminate common complications associated with traditional bandaging methods. They do not pull on the coat, irritate the skin, or have uneven pressure or other factors that annoy or may occasionally cause secondary issues. Phoenix Animal Solutions’ products are made of durable, strong, and comfortable textiles, and are machine washable.


Our products are not “one-size-fits-all!”
Each solution is sized appropriately for the individual patient. We request easy specific measurements to achieve a proper and comfortable fit. Measurements can be taken in a clinic or by the caregivers. Feel free to call us to assist with measuring process.

Our products allow veterinary professionals and caregivers to easily apply and remove the products. Our products are machine washable, have wicking properties, and are breathable. The innovative textiles used in our products are made for Phoenix Animal Solutions and are engineered for animals coats and skin.


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