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Schön A. Gross,

Founder of Phoenix Animal Solutions

Fall 1999
I have had a long and successful career in product design. My passion for animals lead me to create my first solution for our Rottweiler, Greif.

I created the solution the same day Greif was diagnosed with a hygroma. At Greif ’s recheck 5 days later, the hygroma was gone. The veterinary staff told me “Patent that NOW, no one has ever figured out how to design a solution that dogs will tolerate.”

I created a bandaging solution that had challenged veterinarians and owners alike with coverage and protection of a dog's elbows. The solution was effective, comfortable and well tolerated by dogs. The initial design and subsequent redesigns have been used to treat tens of thousands of dogs and even some other species diagnosed with hygroma, decubital ulcers, arthritis, elbow dysplaysia or in need of post-surgical coverage.

Two months later the solution was US Patent Pending, and in the Spring of 2001, it was awarded a US Patent. Greif, our Rottweiler, is the reason that 18 years ago I created my first product and a new company.

Greif ’s legacy continues today. His elbow protection solution hangs in my workroom as an inspiration for each new challenge that I am asked to design.

Why Phoenix Animal Solutions?

I continue to design and produce the type of products that I was known for when I established DogLeggs, as well as many other types of innovative products.

My mission and goals remain the same as they were in 1999:

First: Solve coverage and bandaging design challenges for animals...not just dogs, but for any animal whose owner/caretaker contacts me with a need;

Second: Bring the knowledge of our products to the veterinary university programs, making them a part of the curriculum and textbooks.

Tobias, Johnson Veterinary Surgery, Small Animal
Chapter 45, Orthopedic Coaptation Devices and Small Animal Prosthetics
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Guest Lecturer:
NC State University College of of Veterinary Medicine
Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine
University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Tennessee Certificate Program in Canine Physical Rehabilitation
University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine
American College of Veterinary Surgeons
American Veterinary Medical Association

Third: All products must be financially accessible to all.

I have designed and produced thousands of custom bandaging solutions since 1999, solutions for dogs, cats, rabbits, llama, horses, goats, pigs and hogs, a ferret, a moose (really), several deer, a 20 year old African Bull Elephant and more.

My passion for both animal health and great design has combined to change veterinary medical treatment for a wide range of diagnosis. My leadership in the field of bandaging and coverage solutions has resulted in my regular collaboration with veterinary health leaders at prestigious universities, specialty and general practices throughout the world, solving some of the most challenging cases and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Product Design History

The products listed below were often designed for a specific client, and then became a part of the ever-growing library of solutions that I created. Each solution has a turn-around time of a few days or less from initial contact with the client or veterinary professional to shipment of the product. My multi-species experience, graphic design and sewing backgrounds, provide the tools needed to produce well designed solutions for a wide range of animals.

Product Design Timeline*:

October 1999
First product for Greif, our Rottweiler
Custom-size therapeutic coverage for the front legs for animals, not limited to dogs. Over 90,000 shipped worldwide since 1999. Original Design Patented 2001.

March 2000
Safe warming and cooling device for animals. Developed at the request of Dr. Wm Swartz, Clocktower Animal Hospital, Herndon, VA.

April 2001
Hock Sock and Tarsal Support for Animals
Coverage/support for hock/tarsus of animals, not limited to dogs. Custom milled textiles, custom-sized. Comfortable for long-term wear. Ease of use by owners and veterinary professionals.

May 2001
Solution for Amputees
Amputee Vest. Coverage and protection for elbow after amputation of a forelimb. Allows animal to adapt to new gait and movement, non-restrictive, breathable, washable, comfortable during long wear. Not restricted to dogs.

February 2003
Front Leg Wrap
Front Leg Wrap. Coverage for the front leg of animals, custom sized and designed as part of the protocol for acral lick granulomas. Comfortable for long-term wear. Ease of use by owners and veterinary professionals, breathable and washable.

August 2003
Carpal Support
Redesigned: February, 2012
Carpal support with unique design characteristics, conforms to the anatomical structures of animals, and it is not limited to dogs. Comfortable for long-term wear. Ease of use by owners and veterinary professionals.

February 2003
Made in USA Production Channels Established
Established relationships with textile manufacturers and mills. Established relationship with USA sewing production company. Maintained the integrity of the products while creating inventory. Reduced the wait time for customers.

September 2004
The Swim Snood
Swim Snood for animals receiving water therapy or animals who swim a great deal for conditioning. Comfortable, stops head shaking, easy on and off, multiple sizes for all animals.  Ease of use by owners and veterinary professionals. Created at the request of Dr. Dr. Regina Schwabe, Pamplin Animal Wellness Services

May 2006
Holter Monitoring Vest
Vest for multiple uses, was initially used to hold a holter monitor comfortably both at clinic and at home. The same Vest became the foundation garment for multiple add-ons, such as The Ehmer Sling. Not limited to dogs it is also available for multiple species. Custom milled textile. Comfortable for long-term wear. Ease of use by owners and veterinary professionals Created at the request of DVMSolutions for their Holter Monitoring Systems.

June 2006
Shoulder Stabilization System
Shoulder Stabilization System. Created with Sherman Canapp DVM, VOSM. This product is used pre/post-surgery for medial shoulder instability and in many cases instead of surgery for candidates who are not able to have surgery. Use of this product is not limited to has been successfully used on a ferret at the University of Tennessee.

November 2006
Rear Leg Hobbles
Rear Leg Hobbles. Innovative, comfortable design for restricting rear legs range of motion. Custom milled textile. Comfortable for long-term wear. Ease of use by owners and veterinary professionals.

May 2007
Vest for Shoulder Instability and Scapular Support
Garment with full forelimb coverage for treatment of severe shoulder instability, post-surgical support, long-term therapeutic wear. Custom-sized for animal, not limited to dogs. For use in veterinary physical therapy, pre/post shoulder surgery. Custom compression accomplished with fixed and adjustable internal padding and it is breathable, washable, custom milled textile, conforms to anatomy. Comfortable for long-term wear. Includes forelimb hobble system. Ease of use by owners and veterinary professionals.

July 2007
Surgi-Sox Bandage System
Surgi-Sox Compression Garments. I redesigned the product line, adding products with the same properties of compression. Researched and coordinated the manufacture of a specialized textile for compression, comfortable to animal's skin and coat. Washable, anti-bacterial, will not stick to wounds. Ease of use for owners and clinical use.

August 2007
Velpeau Sling
Velpeau Sling. Innovative redesign of traditional style of Velpeau Sling. Custom milled textiles, Well tolerated by animals, without the side affects of traditional Velpeau. Comfortable for longterm wear. Ease of use by owners and veterinary professionals. Breathable, washable.

February 2008
Aural Compression Bandage - Aural Hematoma Bandage Solution
Redesign January, 2017
Designed as a bandaging solution for either acute or recurring ear hematoma in dogs. Has been used on other species as well, including goats and cats. Comfortable for long-term wear. Ease of use by owners and veterinary professionals.

April 2008
The Ehmer Sling
Ehmer Sling. Innovative redesign replaces the original tape version of the Ehmer Sling . Works in conjunction with the Holter Monitor Vest. The Vest provides the stability and comfort for the Ehmer Sling. Custom milled textiles. Comfortable for long-term wear. Ease of use by owners and veterinary professionals.
May, 2008, Used for Moose Baby Bella at the Wisconsin Zoo

September 2011
Stifle Support for animals - adjustable, breathable, washable, compression
Redesign 2015

May 2011
The VEST, including Ehmer Sling, Holter Monitor Case, Scapular Compression.
US Patent awarded

June 2014
Redesign of Vest for Shoulder Stabilization
Redesign of Shoulder Stabilization for Forelimb Amputee


May 2002
Shoulder Brace for Women

December 2012
The Arm Guard.
Protective covering for forearms, padded, abrasion resistant, breathable, washable, comfortable. Hook and Loop adjustment. Helps protect forearms from cuts, abrasions and bruising experienced during daily activities and while unloading boxes from conveyor and carrying boxes and inventory, restocking shelves. Available for both men and women.

February 2013
CPAP Headgear


Protective Garment for Pets
United States 6,240,882
Schon A Gross, Inventor
Issued June 5, 2001
Protective garment for pets

Exercise/conditioning bodysuit for animals
United States 7,665,425
Schon A Gross, Inventor
Issued February 23, 2010


November, 2011
Leg Brace for Dog - Stifle Support with VEST
United States Provisional Patent - Patent Pending
Schon A Gross, Inventor
A rear leg brace for animals, incorporating elastic straps for fit, accommodates patella.

December 2012
Protective Garment for Forearms of Humans
United States Provisional Patent - Patent Pending
Schon A Gross, Inventor, Owner

June 2016
Dorsi Flexion Assistance Device For Animals
United States Provisional Patent - Patent Pending
Schon A Gross, Inventor, Owner