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The 2022 pricing information below is for our most requested products. The prices are base prices for each product as there are often customization requests. Prices are confirmed at the time order is placed.

We also design Custom Solutions, priced on an individual basis. Please call for more information or to discuss a unique case/requirement.

Our products are constructed utilizing innovative textiles made specifically for animals coats and skin. We do not use neoprene in our products. It is not breathable. We use only genuine Velcro hook and loop fasteners. Hardware is Nylon or Acetal. The textiles are washable, breathable, and have wicking properties.

2022 Pricing Information
Elbow Protection Leggings.... $117.95
Forelimb Hobble System, 1 pair Leggings, 2 Hobble Straps ,1 Chest Strap.... $127.95
Carpal Supports
Standard Carpal Support.... $72.95
Carpal Support with Dew Claw Vent.... $82.95
Carpal Support - Lined.... $82.95
Custom Sculpted Carpal Support using provided Casting.... $127.95
External Stabilization Straps.... $7.95 each
Tarsal Support
Standard Tarsal Support.... $92.95
Tarsal Support - Lined.... $103.20
Custom Sculpted Tarsal Support with provided Casting.... $127.95
External Splint.... $62.95
External Stabilization Straps.... $7.95 ea
Shoulder Stabilization Vest - cost includes 2 prototypes
Standard Vest.... $295.00
Shoulder Stabilization Vest with adjustable internal Scapular Compression.... $315.00*
Vest for Amputee, with Hobble Strap, includes 2 prototypes.... $327.95*
Aural Hematoma Bandage System XXS - XXL.... $36.50 - $52.95
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