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A Hock/Tarsal Support That Really Works

Using Phoenix Animal Solutions' Hock/Tarsal Support is a safe solution to support your pet's rear legs from hyperextension or weak Hock/Tarsus. Contact us today for more information.

Top-Quality Hock/Tarsal Solutions

Our hock/tarsal solutions are very effective, providing medium to firm support. Over the past 15 years the design of Phoenix Animal Solutions' Hock/Tarsal Support has been refined to offer comfort to the animal and ease of application to the caregiver.

There are cases when the diagnosis requires a custom sculpted design. In those cases, Phoenix Animal Solutions will request a casting of the animal's leg. This will allow us to accommodate for any orthopedic deformities that your pet has. Please call us for more details. Orders require a veterinary prescription, and we will only ship to a veterinary professional.

Casting Supplies Can be Purchased From:
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Dog Wearing Hock & Tarsal Brace