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Front Leg Hobble System

Hobble Systems & Shoulder Stabilization That Make Life Easier for Your Pets

Dog Wearing Brace and Wheelchair

As a loving owner, it can be very difficult to see your pet struggle through their recovery after an injury or surgery. You're used to seeing your pet jumping around and playing, so you want to do everything you can to get your four-legged companion back on his or her feet quickly. That's why Phoenix Animal Solutions has created a variety of products that can help increase your pet's mobility and decrease his or her recovery time.

An Affordable Hobble System

Because our products are custom sized and made, we can create a unique solution for tiny animals, the smallest we have made is for a Ferret, as well as animals that are very large. Our Hobble system can significantly improve the quality of life for both the pet and owner.

A Fantastic Shoulder Solution

Our Shoulder Stabilization Solution requires a veterinary prescription, and the animal must be under the direct care of a veterinary professional. Phoenix Animal Solutions only ships our shoulder solution to veterinary professionals.

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