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Our focus is on creating durable, dependable products. The goal of many of our products is to address the cause rather than just the symptom. When we treat the cause, i.e. hygroma and decubital ulcers due to repeated trauma to the elbows and hocks, hitting the hard surfaces dogs like to lay on, padding the joints, and protecting them from further trauma is necessary.Our Leggings accomplish your and our goal. Custom design and sizing insure the individual animal’s unique requirements

Our protection was originally designed for elbow hygromas for Greif. utilizing sleeves that were sculpted on him the day of his diagnosis. The design has been revised and updated through the years as new innovative textiles have become available. This product began a continually growing list of solutions.

For animals suffering from elbow arthritis, our customized solution provides protection from hard surfaces, it surrounds the elbow with a breathable 3-D textile, warming the joint thereby improving circulation, reduces inflammation, as well as increasing comfort and mobility. This product is NOT a brace, it protects the elbows from repeated trauma, and is also ideal as a bandaging solution for injury or post-surgery.

Most common uses:

  • Elbow Hygroma
  • Pressure Sores
  • Calluses
  • Arthritis
  • Discomfort associated with Elbow Dysplasia
Cooper LeggingsCooper Cain - Bilateral HygromaCain - Bilateral HygromaJethro - Bilateral Pendulous CallusJethro - Bilateral Pendulous CallusJethro Left and Right Legs