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A Wide Variety Of Protective and Supportive Solutions for Animals

If you're looking for the perfect solution for your pet, contact Phoenix Animal Solutions today. We offer custom bandaging and supportive products for animals. Our founder creates customized solutions that improve the lives of the animals as well as their owners and caretakers. If we don't think that we can create an effective solution, we are always honest and upfront with our clients.

In business since 1999, Phoenix Animal Solutions has helped animals who are suffering from arthritis, neurological conditions, pressure sores, carpal deformity, aural hematoma and more. All of our amazing animal products are made in the United States, and we design the proper solution based on the species and diagnosis. We are dedicated to designing and producing innovative, high-quality solutions and making them financially accessible to all.

Due to the custom nature of our products, we currently do not have an online ordering system. Please call or email us if you'd like to place an order, ask a question, or learn more about pricing and availability.

We are very proud to be part of the article in Specialty Fabrics Review, Animal Attraction. Our history and our products are included in the article in the latest edition along side several unique companies providing solutions for animals.

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Specialty Fabrics Review

Pree and Boaz - Testimonial from Roxanne Lee

I have two injured dogs. NOT what I had anticipated or expected, but that is the reality. The youngest Lab, Boaz, tore his right wrist ligaments. Ugh! My other Lab, Pree, tore her right shoulder ligaments. Triple UGH! I know the healing process required for injured dogs including vet trips, meds, rest, restricted activity (for many weeks), laser treatments, rehab exercises, and eventually underwater treadmill. What I had never used before was a device to stabilize injured areas as they heal.

I met Schon as a vendor at the Nov 16, 2018 Sports Conference mid-November and was highly impressed with her product. I had ZERO knowledge I would need her product rather quickly. But by Thanksgiving, both my two Labs, Pree and Boaz, had injured ligaments. I contacted Schon as I knew I was in for the long haul to get my dogs healed.

Pree Laying Down Pree Standing on Blue Mats Pree Getting Checkup Boaz With Wrapped Leg Walking Pree and Boaz

First, Boaz got his custom made right wrist stabilizer. Man, it was sooo easy to use. Boaz was 'ouchy' on that injured leg so Schon provided me information on how to relax him. I never expected that extra help, but so appreciated it as it made it easier for me to handle Boaz. Here we are now, weeks later, and his wrist stabilizer is used daily and used easily. Boaz IS healing and hopefully in another 2-3 weeks, it will be his turn for underwater treadmill and get him back up to speed (he's a working obedience and field dog). No matter what, I have his wrist stabilizer which is mighty easy to put on/off so I can use it in the future if I feel he needs extra support.

Second, is my Pree. Ugh, her shoulder ligament injury is much more complex and involved than Boaz. I am trying to avoid surgery, but her recovery is many months (versus Boaz's weeks) to get her back up to speed (she is also a working obedience and field dog). My vet bandaged her right shoulder, b ut I hated it with all that adhesive and knew it wasn't a long term solution for Pree. I contacted Schon and made arrangements to have Pree's custom hobbles made knowing she'd be in them for many months to come. MAN, once I learned how to put those hobbles on correctly, and Schon helped me with that as well as my rehab vet specialists, her hobbles are sooo easy to use. And they are so comfortable for her, there is no strain on her body (like the bandage) and with the adhesive gone, Pree is moving at a natural stride although her stride is quite shortened due to the hobbles.

As a professional dog trainer, I am well versed in working with injured dogs. But, I'd never seen anything on the market that was specifically made for a specific dog. I am so impressed with not only PhoenixAnimalSolutionsLLC product, but deeply impressed with Schon's, the owner and creator, commitment to my dogs getting the support they need to heal correctly. I HIGHLY recommend this product and this company as its owner Schon is outstanding to work with. I can't say enough great things, but perhaps when my dogs are healed I can then share more on their final results. For now, I have stabilizing equipment that allows my dogs to heal comfortably.

Best Regards- Roxanne Lee, Owner

About Us

Phoenix Animal Solutions' owner and founder, Schön Gross, has dedicated the past 20 years of her life to come up with real solutions for animals that are injured, require unique bandaging or recovery solutions and recovering from surgery. She has become a part of the family for a lot of people because she often develops solutions for situations that are dire for a pet and their owner. Schön has a long, successful career in product design, and her passion for animals lead her to create her first solution for her Rottweiler, Greif, in 1999. At the time, she had no idea that she was starting a new company. Greif needed bandaging for his elbows, a protective covering his hygroma, and Schön created it on the same day of his diagnosis.

The solution was effective, comfortable, and well tolerated. The initial design and subsequent redesigns have been used to treat thousands of canines and other species that have been diagnosed with hygroma, decubital ulcers, arthritis, and elbow dysplasia. Today, over 90,000 pairs have worldwide! Greif's original elbow protection solution still hangs in Schön's workroom as an inspiration for each new challenge that she is asked to design.

Greif - Rottweiler

Mission Statement

First: solve coverage and bandaging design challenges for animals—not just dogs. We want to help any animal whose owner/caretaker contacted us with a need.
Second: bring the knowledge of our products into the veterinary university teaching programs, making them a part of the curriculum and textbooks.
Third: the products must be financially accessible for all.


In 2003, we received an APEX Award for our unique use of specialized textile from Malden Mills.


"My little Venus fighting osteosarcoma! Phoenix Animal Solutions did a fantastic job. Thank you Schon!" Thierry D.

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