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Wrist/Carpus Support for Animals

Going for walks is an important part of keeping your dog healthy. Phoenix Animal Solutions wants to help you make this process less painful for your dog so that he or she can enjoy several more healthy years by your side. Our Carpal Support will help your pet while he or she walks through their day.

Dog Wearing Wrist Brace

Phoenix Animal Solutions' Long-Lasting Wrist/Carpus Solution

Over the years, this amazing solution has been refined to provide effective moderate for firm support with a high level of comfort and ease of application. Our carpal support device is not a simple cylinder. It conforms to the animal's wrist/carpus and leg, and it can be made from a variety of textiles. We take into consideration your animal's health and requirements when creating the most appropriate solution.

For animals with a deformity or a unique requirement for coverage, we may request a casting of the leg. This allows us to sculpt the custom solution that's perfect for the animal, accommodating for orthopedic deformity or the remodeling of affected joints. Products that affect joint mobility or gait require a veterinary prescription, and we will only ship to a veterinary professional.

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