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Head, Ears, & Neck

A Pet Ear Bandage That Protects the Head

One of the most challenging animal injuries is a head wound, which can also include ear damage that's caused by scratching, excessive head shaking or contact trauma. Because ears can bleed excessively, it's important to make sure that they are bandaged properly. That's why Phoenix Animal Solutions created an amazing two-part solution for protecting heads, ears, and necks.

A Two-Part Solution for the Head, Ears, & Neck

This is the next generation solution for head and ear bandaging. Our pet ear bandage is easy to apply, and offers excellent protection and coverage, making it a superior solution to traditional stretch adhesive bandaging. The first part of the system provides compression that's appropriate for post-surgical bandaging of aural hematoma.

Part two provides comfortable protection and compression, and it prevents damage to the ear during head shaking. The easy application of one or both parts of the system, allows both veterinary professionals as well as pet owners to put it on the patient. The garment is durable and washable so that it can be used over and over again.

Dog Wearing Head, Ears, & Neck Bandage

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