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Veterinary Products

Top-Of-the-Line Veterinary Products for Injured Animals

Phoenix Animal Solutions offers a wide variety of solutions for animals who require support for joint or soft tissue issues, injured or recovering from surgery. Our designs have been created due to requests from veterinarians and pet caregivers worldwide. The products we make can be used for a number of situations and diagnosis.

Creating the Custom Solutions That Your Pet Needs

Custom does not mean more expensive—it means that you are getting the latest, most innovative design solution for your furry friend. We have multi-species experience and research each new species we encounter, ensuring that our products are successful for all the animals we care for.

Our solutions are listed by body part. The solutions listed are the most common products ordered, however, if you don't see what you need on our list, call or email us. We may end up creating a product for your pet and help many other animals as well. The benefits of our well-designed veterinary products include:

Client Compliance

Whether it is medication, nutrition, bandaging, or any other aspects of animal health, compliance is essential for a great outcome. If the patient won't stand it, or the owner can't handle it, a positive result is at risk. In addition, bandaging has an extra consideration—the potential for harm. Our solutions are designed and manufactured to be well tolerated by the pet and easy for the owner to manage. We want to provide the best compliance possible while being safe and effective.


Careful consideration is given to the choice of textiles and design. The textiles we use are selected to eliminate common complications associated with traditional bandaging methods. They do not pull on the coat, irritate the skin from adhesives, or have uneven pressure or other factors that annoy or may sometimes injure. Phoenix Animal Solutions' animal products are made of durable, strong, and comfortable textiles, and are machine washable.


Phoenix Animal Solutions' solutions are not one-size-fits-all. Each solution is sized appropriately for the individual patient. We request specific measurements to achieve a proper and comfortable fit. Measurements can be taken in a clinic or by the caretakers. Feel free to call us to assist with measurements.

Dog Wearing Braces on Legs

Ease of Use

The designs allow veterinary professionals and most pet caregivers to easily apply or remove them. They are designed to stay on the animal for as long as needed.